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Nickel introduction
Date:2015-11-11    Click:932

In nature, the most important is the red nickel nickel (nickel arsenide) and gersdorffite (sulfur nickel arsenide). Cuba is the world's most famous is nickel country, in Dominica also has a large number of nickel ore.

Metal nickel is mainly used in electroplating industry, the article is beautiful, clean, and not easy to rust. Very thin nickel powder, commonly used as a catalyst in the chemical industry.
Nickel is widely used in the manufacture of alloys. The mechanical strength can be improved by adding nickel to steel. The tensile strength of the steel is increased from 52.2 to 2 when the amount of nickel content in the steel increases from 7.04% to 72.8. Nickel steel used to manufacture machine under pressure, to withstand impact and load parts of the reciprocating parts, such as turbine blades, crankshaft, connecting rod. Nickel containing 36%, containing carbon 0.3-0.5% nickel steel, its expansion coefficient is very small, almost no thermal expansion and contraction, used in the manufacture of a variety of precision machinery, precision gauges. Nickel containing 46%, containing 0.15% carbon of high nickel steel, called "Platinum", because its expansion coefficient of platinum, the glass is similar to, that of high nickel steel can be welded to the glass. It is important in the production of lighting, can be used as a substitute for platinum wire. Some sophisticated through the frame, also used this type of platinum lens made of steel, thermal expansion and contraction will not fall from the box. Composed of 67.5% nickel, 16% iron, 15% chromium, 1.5% Mn alloy, with great resistance to make all kinds of varistors with electric heaters.
Titanium nickel alloy with a "memory" of the ability, and memory is very strong, after a long time, repeat 10 million times are accurate. Its "memory" ability is to remember its original shape, so people call it "shape memory alloy". This alloy has a characteristic change in temperature, in the transition temperature, it has an organizational structure, and in the transition temperature, it has another organizational structure. Different structure, performance is different. For example: a titanium alloy, when it is on the transition temperature, very hard, strong intensity, and in this temperature, it is very soft, easy to cold processing. So, when we need it to remember what shape, we put it into that shape, which is its "permanent memory" shape, in the transition temperature, because it is very soft, we can be in a very large extent to make its arbitrary deformation. And when it is needed to return to its original shape, it will be heated to the transition temperature.

Nickel is magnetic and can be attracted by magnets. And aluminum, cobalt and nickel made of alloy, magnetic stronger. This alloy is attracted by the magnet, not only itself will be sucked in the past, but it is under it sixty times more than the weight of the thing, it will not fall down. This way, you can use it to create an electromagnetic crane.
Most of the salts are green. Nickel hydroxide is brown black, nickel oxide is black. Nickel oxide is often used to manufacture iron nickel alkaline batteries.
Two (two) was used to identify the Ni (Dimethylglyoxime) and two (dmgH) 2 (Ni2+).