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Use of nickel
Date:2015-11-11    Click:1203

  Nickel is used to make all kinds of stainless steel, soft magnetic alloy can be simply understood as, in the external magnetic field of the magnetic field, the magnetic induction, magnetic induction and magnetic induction of the magnetic alloy. We speak here is mainly nickel iron soft magnetic alloys. And alloy structural steel. Nickel and chromium, copper, aluminum, cobalt and other elements can be composed of heat-resistant alloy, electrical alloy and corrosion resistant alloy, etc..
Ni Cr alloy such as Ni-Cr20 has high heat resistance and high resistance use it thermoelectric body resistance wire available for electric furnace, electric iron, electric irons and other heating element, in 1100 DEG C under the long-term work Ni-Cr9 and Ni-Cr10 although heat resistance slightly worse, but has a high resistance, small temperature coefficient of resistance, thermal power is good material for thermocouple.

Nickel based heat resistant alloys are mainly used for turbine engine turbine disc, combustion chamber and turbine blades. The famous "Monel alloy" is copper, iron and manganese nickel alloy, high strength, good ductility, corrosion resistance. As important materials for electrical appliances, medical equipment and ship manufacturing industry.
New orthodontic alloy - China titanium nickel Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute developed a nickel titanium alloy, is the ideal orthodontic material with super elasticity and shape memory effect. Is the use of orthodontic orthopedic rebound characteristics of metal to achieve.
Nickel and silicon alloy is often made of wire, tape, rod for electronic tube and electric vacuum apparatus. Nickel iron, nickel cobalt alloy magnetic material is good.
Nickel is the main material for nickel cadmium, nickel hydrogen battery and nickel production.
At the same time, nickel is also used in electroplating and catalyst.