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How much you know about nickel
Date:2015-11-11    Click:984

In nature, the most important is the red nickel nickel (nickel arsenide) and gersdorffite (sulfur nickel arsenide). Cuba is one of the most famous storage ore country in the world in Dominica, there are a lot of nickel.
Imported aluminum sheet metal is mainly used for electroplating industry, the items of nickel plating, clean, and not easy to rust. Very thin nickel powder, commonly used as a catalyst in the chemical industry. Nickel is used to make alloys. In the steel to participate in nickel, can improve the mechanical strength. Such as steel in the amount of nickel from 2.94% to 7.04%, the tensile strength of 52.2 kg / mm 2 added to 72.8 kg / mm 3. Nickel steel is used for the machinery manufacturing under pressure, to withstand impact and exchanges part load parts, such as turbine blades, crankshaft, connecting rod. Nickel containing 36%, containing carbon 0.3-0.5% nickel steel, its expansion coefficient is very small, almost no thermal expansion and contraction, used in the manufacture of a variety of precision machinery, precision gauges. Nickel containing 46%, containing 0.15% carbon of high nickel steel, called "Platinum", because its expansion coefficient of platinum, the glass is similar to, that of high nickel steel can be welded to the glass.
The bulb production is very important, can be used as a substitute for platinum wire. Some sophisticated through the frame, also used this type of platinum lens made of steel, not due to thermal expansion and contraction lost down from the box. Composed of 67.5% nickel, 16% iron, 15% chromium, 1.5% Mn alloy, with great resistance to manufacturing all kinds rheostat and an electric heater. Titanium nickel alloy has a "memory" of the skill, and memory is very strong, through a long time, repeat the exact times are accurate. Its "memory" is to remember its original shape, so people call it "shape memory alloy". Originally this kind of alloy has a characteristic change temperature, in the change temperature, it has a kind of structure, and in the change of temperature, it has another kind of organization structure. Structure is different, the function is also different. Nickel is magnetic and can be attracted by magnets.
And aluminum, cobalt and nickel made of alloy, magnetic stronger. This alloy by an electromagnet to attract, not only their own will is sucked in, and under it hanging than it is weighing up to 60 times the instrument, and it will not get lost. How it can be used to manufacture an electromagnetic crane. Most of the salts are green. Nickel hydroxide is brown black, nickel oxide is black. Nickel oxide is often used to manufacture iron nickel alkaline batteries. Two of the value of nickel ion commonly used to determine the two ketone, in the ammonia solution, nickel ion (Ni2+) and butyl two (Dimethylglyoxime) to produce fresh red precipitate (Ni (dmgH) 2).