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Simple equipment and technology for smelting ferronickel
Date:2015-11-11    Click:967

At present, many Chinese imported laterite nickel ore smelting nickel iron, the mature international is pyrometallurgy. Fire method is divided into two kinds: fire method 1: native oxide ore (rotary kiln drying, electric furnace smelting) - nickel iron is suitable for processing, Ni content in more than 1.5% of nickel oxide. Fire method 2: native oxide ore (sintering sintering furnace, blast furnace smelting) - Ni Fe alloys, coal, coke as raw materials, content 0.8-1.5% ore. Nickel content is different, use different. Ni 0.8-1.5% for smelting nickel iron alloy, nickel alloy content is 1.6-4.0%. Ni 1.5-2.6% for the production of nickel, the content of Ni is 10-30%. 1.6-2.0% equipment of blast furnace ferronickel - nickel, taste: 0.8-1.1% low Ni high iron ore, the main production enterprises in Shandong: Zhanhua, Linyi, Cheung Hing Yuan Sheng Shanxi Hengsheng low nickel downstream products: 200 series stainless steel 4-6% nickel iron - smelting in blast furnace, the nickel iron or nickel: taste level with 1.4-1.6% in the main production enterprises: blast furnace production enterprises in the downstream products: 200, nickel 300 series stainless steel 10-15% - nickel ore furnace, more than 1.7% high nickel nickel production enterprises, the main production enterprises: furnace (Xinhai Technology and Inner Mongolia distance etc.) high nickel ferronickel downstream products: 300 series stainless steel (stainless steel) to stainless steel net according to my survey statistics, the country has ferronickel production more than 70 enterprises, including Shandong, Jiangsu, Inner Mongolia province. Shandong to blast furnace manufacturers, electric stove, although less, but the larger scale. At the same time, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Henan and other areas have a certain amount of blast furnace enterprises, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia were submerged arc furnace based, mainly in smelting high 10-15 Ferronickel, Ningxia area although the amount is little, but two production capacity of enterprises in more than 4000 tons. Electric furnace smelting ferronickel with low productivity, single 2.5 million kilowatts of electric furnace, the annual production capacity of containing 14% nickel ferronickel for about 2.5 million tons of blast furnace smelting ferronickel biggest feature is the output is high, can reach of annual output of blast furnace of a 208m3 4 million tons of above.