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New type of environmentally friendly nickel mesh photosensitive adhesive agent
Date:2015-11-11    Click:982

In view of the present situation of the small batch and multi varieties, multi colors, in order to reduce the cost of printing of network, a few years ago see a lot of foreign printing enterprise has in rubber stripping printing rotary screen fence after repeated use, the highest repeated use times for 5 times, usually repeated use times for 3-4 times.
Learn from foreign experience, combined with domestic nickel resources, nickel raw materials, nickel prices rose rapidly, for printing enterprises to reduce production costs, the development of circular mesh.
One, characteristic:
1, fast, complete removal of photosensitive adhesive, low cost, good effect, simple operation, safe
2, this product is volatile, less toxic than ethanol does not burn.
3, the product of the nickel corrosion resistance of the small, will not affect the strength of the circular network, elasticity, color
4, involving the product without irritating smell, not corrosive skin
5, for the enterprise energy saving, reduce costs, increase efficiency and competitiveness.
Two, the main points of the operation of circular mesh
1, the need for the need to strip the rubber
(1) after printing, rotary screen printing machine from the unloading requirements must be all kinds of slurry from the circle line clean, especially pigment printing paste, to prevent the adhesion of mesh;
(2) all kinds of adhesive tape will be pasted on the Internet to clean up;
(3) the need to screen the need to strip the rubber circle, the broken circle net generally do not carry out the use of plastic recycling.
2, take off the bulkhead
With the bulkhead cylinder end into the holding bulkhead degumming liquid soak about half an hour or so, after removing gently knock off the bulkhead and at the other end of the soaking removal on the other side of the bulkhead. Take off after a few round net bulkhead can only transport net together, this can reduce the transportation volume.
3, stripping rubber processing
(1) the characteristics of the liquid
Retting liquid without excitant odour, the nickel grid corrosion, not prone to brittle damage or discoloration, if operating properly, don't crease them. General nickel net can be repeated 3-4 times, can remove various mesh printing nickel net and high temperature curing photosensitive glue, the removal effect of excellent, clear mesh after degumming, does not affect the printing effect.
(2) the main points of the treatment of the
1 skiving slot for polyethylene plastic trough, trough the size according to the size of the nickel screen length and circumference and according to a time stripping round rubber network number and decide, degumming liquid heating heat source for steam heating or electric heating.
2 degumming agent into the polyethylene plastic tank and transferred into a certain concentration, heating to 50 to 80 DEG C, will take off bulkhead after no crease of nickel nets immersed in degumming agent about 3-10 minutes, until the layer stripping out, rinse with water.
(3) with water rinse clean nickel screen with supporting in addition to the ghost agent can remove the ghost, or with a weak lye soak a few minutes, remove with clean water rinse clean can be.
Three, recycling, reduce the cost, value-added services
Nickel network round net printing process maximum consumables, so that by stripping the nickel net repeated use can reduce the production cost of the calico, enhance the enterprise compete in the market price, efficiency for the enterprise, at the same time, it also reflected and in line with the current state to promote energy-saving consumption reducing environment pollution, the establishment of resource-saving society, the development of circular economy policies and regulations.